Soaking Room


The Soaking Room’s primary purpose is to provide a place of rest where God’s presence can minister directly to you. Soaking can be many different things; it is a time to be quiet; a time to interact with the Lord; a time to hear Him in a very personal way.

The easiest way to rest in God’s presence is with Holy music. It can be soft vocals or instrumental; but, it is music that is life-giving – it promotes the Spirit of the Lord.

Our favorite music to Soak with is “spontaneous song.”   The two artist groups whose music we use and promote are Julie True and Kimberly & Alberto Rivera.  Their music ushers in the presence of God! 

How to Soak

  • Set aside time for a Holy moment
  • Go to a quiet place where there are no distractions
  • Find a comfortable chair or place to lie down
  • Relax Breathe
  • Invite the Holy Spirit; let Him minister to you through the music!

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